Apr 7, 2020

High Oxygen Czochralski Silicon Crystal Growth Relationship to Epitaxial Stacking Faults

With larger diameter Czochralski‐grown silicon crystals an increase in the oxygen content is observed. Oxygen in excess of the solubility limit will precipitate resulting in bulk crystal defects which can modify gettering of impurities known to degrade electrical characteristics. In this study we have investigated crystal growth parameters and related them to the properties of the crystal. Wafers were processed from crystals grown under various conditions. Defect formation was evaluated as a function of processing and related to the crystal properties. By growing 2 in. diam crystals at high seed rotation rates so as to maximize the oxygen content, we were able to suppress saucer etch pit formation and epitaxial stacking fault formation. The high oxygen content crystals behaved in the same manner as 3 in. diam crystals with respect to defect formation.


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