Jan 20, 2020

Status of Large Diameter SiC Single Crystals

Large SiC single crystals, semi-insulating and n-type, up to 150mm in diameter are grown by II-VI Incorporated. In addition to the recent product launch of 150mm substrates, significant improvements have been made in crystal quality. The values of FWHM of x-ray rocking curves are typically 15-30 arc-seconds for 4H SI wafers and 11-25 arc-seconds for 4H n+ wafers. We have achieved 150 mm wafers free of stacking faults and micro pipes with total dislocation density of 2x103 cm-2, TSD density of ~3x102 cm-2, and BPD density of 2x102 cm-2. For semi-insulating wafers we have achieved resistivities in excess of 1E11Ω-cm.


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