Nov 6, 2019

Effect of Quartz Crystal Form on the Measurement Performance of Multi-dimensional Force Sensor

Quartz wafer is an important part of the force sensor of piezoelectric multi-dimensional force sensor. Its structural form affects the overall measurement performance of force-sensitive components and sensors. In this paper, the shape of the quartz crystal group was first analysed, and then two different types of quartz crystal group models were established using finite element software, and their simulation analysis was performed. The corresponding relationship between the deformation of the two different shapes of quartz crystal set under the same external load and the limitation of external space size was studied. The same axial load and tangential load were applied to two different types of quartz crystals respectively, and the corresponding maximum equivalent stress and stress distribution regions were obtained. This paper provides an important reference for the fabrication of quartz crystal arrays and the selection of quartz wafer shape for piezoelectric multi-dimensional force sensors.


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