Jul 29, 2016

Two-channel IR gas sensor with two detectors based on LiTaO3 single-crystal wafer


An infrared (IR) single-element detector based on a lithium tantalate (LiTaO3) single-crystal wafer has been successfully fabricated. The preparation and design of the device are discussed and analyzed in detail. The processing of a thin LiTaO3 wafer, the characterization of an IR filter window, and the assembly of the wafer and filter are explained. A LiTaO3 sensor element, a CMOS amplifier, a narrow-band filter (which can be selected to operate within the appropriate spectral region), and the read-out circuits are set into a TO-18 vessel. Each TO-18-type detector offers a single channel (a single detection wavelength). Two TO-18 detectors with different filters, one acting as a detection channel and the other as a reference, a broadband light source, a circuit board and a flake of wire gauze are assembled and integrated into a gilded gas cell for the purpose of detecting ethene gas.


  • LiTaO3 wafer
  • Gas cell structure
  • Gas sensor
        • Source:Sciencedirect
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