Jun 21, 2016

Crystal growth by Bridgman and Czochralski method of the ferromagnetic quantum critical material YbNi4P2


Successful single crystal growth of YbNi4P2 by Bridgman and Czochralski method.
Large and inclusion free single crystals grown from levitating melt.
Single crystals exhibit View the MathML source.


The tetragonal YbNi4P2 is one of the rare examples of compounds that allow the investigation of a ferromagnetic quantum critical point. We report in detail on two different methods which have been used to grow YbNi4P2 single crystals from a self-flux. The first, a modified Bridgman method, using a closed crucible system yields needle-shaped single crystals oriented along the [001]-direction. The second method, the Czochralski growth from a levitating melt, yields large single crystals which can be cut in any desired orientation. With this crucible-free method, samples without flux inclusions and a resistivity ratio at 1.8 K of View the MathML source have been grown.


  • Growth from high-temperature solutions
  • Czochralski method
  • Single crystal growth;
  • Ytterbium compounds
  • Rare earth compounds
  • Quantum critical materials
        • Source:Sciencedirect
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